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My Clients

Dearest Colleen,
A quick note to say a HUGE thank you for being such an inspirational and wonderful mentor! I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am for our times together, what you impart into my life is invaluable!
You are delightful to work with, I really appreciate your authenticity! I wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Jan (UK)

Hi Colleen,
I would like to say a massive heart felt thank you for a really fab hypnosis session. I was really sceptical about it but now I believe this can do something for me and make me choose the right foods and water a plenty! It was really odd, we were on a road trip and I asked for a stop as I was really uncomfortable and partly hungry, I went into the shop and I would have chosen just some jellys or a cereal bar, but no, there was a voice called Colleen saying choose the right foods to nourish your body and drink loads of water to flush the system and excess away....I actually looked round because I thought, 'no way, that's Colleen, am I losing it ' works and it made me choose good foods and water, needless to say I got back in the car with 2 bottles of water and macadamia nuts and a small pear! Wow is all I can say Colleen and thank you so much for your help at the right time. Xxx Colleen I can't thank you enough, I have lost 5 whole pounds in one week and feeling so much better.... I can't believe it happened, but hey this bod says carry on doing this. I'm loving it! All the beautiful recipes I've tried etc are sooooo tasty and the amount of food I've consumed is more than I've ever had.... feeling tonnes better and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Looking forward to the 10's now... this is coming off!!!

C.G (UK)

Thank you just doesn't sum up my appreciation for the RTT session. After suffering a week with my sciatica; you came to the rescue. I was hopeful a session would help the pain and discomfort. Any relief would be welcome. The results however were extreme - the pain and discomfort were GONE! I could not believe it and as you witnessed, I went up and down the stairs a few times, carried a heavy wooden chair around, to prove to myself the outcome was not just for the moment. Our session was August 2 and to date I have had NO recurrence. Overwhelming! Thank you again for helping me. You and RTT are a gift!


I would just like to thank you Colleen for getting me back on track and taking the time to find out why I keep putting the weight back on. You made me feel relaxed and took away all my nerves regarding hypnosis. Your compassion shines through your voice and it’s evident that your session made an impact as 10 lbs left me in 8 days. Saying I was happy seeing the results from the RTT session would be an underestimation, to say the least. I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to telling you how well I have done in the coming months. Would I recommend you to others, YES I would, without hesitation! Thank you so very much.

Sue from Hampshire UK

Colleen, From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me. I have had two different sessions with you and both have resulted in amazing and positive changes for me. There has been significant improvement to the facial damage from the Bell's Palsy; which I thought could not be reversed or corrected! I KNOW THERE IS A CHANGE TO MY FACE because I wear a mouth guard at night and in the last 1 ½ to 2 weeks my mouth has been bothering me. The guard doesn’t seem to fit correctly. I also notice how much straighter my smile is getting. Your ongoing care and support keeps me focused and on track. You are amazing!!! Thank you.

R.S. (Canada)

From the moment I met her at a company picnic - almost eight years now - I have found Colleen to be a person of interesting and exciting views that immediately challenged my life perspective. In other words, she opened my eyes! And in such a nice way, too. Colleen has an inherent talent for teaching, and a knack for explaining even abstract, often complex, ideas in a direct manner with humour and a deft touch. Her enthusiastic way of relaying material is infectious, thought-provoking and creative, and all participants are actively and immediately engaged on a journey of learning. She also has the patience to allow others to come to their own understanding, and rejoices with them in their "eureka!" moments. Having lived her beliefs to her utmost ability for many years, Colleen talks the talk - and walks the walk - and is a positive example of developing these philosophies in life and as such, a positive role model for everyone who meets her. I am so glad that I have and I believe many others are just as happy to have met me, since then, as well. As Colleen so often says, "it's all win-win!"

Cyndi (Cyd) W.
Business Owner
Kitchener,ON Canada

It is with great pleasure I talk about a dear friend that has touched my life with such positivity and wonder, I gasp at the effect she has had on me. Several years ago feeling like life had left me with nothing and that I was just fighting through it day by day this wonderful star appeared. Her name was Colleen...she showed me that I am in control of my life. That I can choose the way I want to live and that I was responsible for my own happiness. These words shocked me. They were very different than the way I was brought up, but I read the books she suggested and with her patient guidance, her transforming hypnosis skills and sometimes a swift kick, my life changed and I, for the first time, felt wonderful. She continues to this day to enrich my life with her wisdom and wonderful guiding ways. I am so thankful that she touched me and showed me the way to happiness. A happiness I thought would never happen in my life. Thank you Colleen - for showing me the way through and around, as well as all your daily encouragement and for reminding me that I am worthy of happiness. I am so grateful for knowing you. Your friend and recipient of all your wisdom.

Josephine A. S.
Writer & Published Author
Center City, MI USA

Sometimes you just have to trust the Universe will bring into your life people who will be part of your journey! That's you, Colleen. Over the years you've become a friend, mentor and teacher. I have learned so much from you and look forward to any opportunity to spend time with you. You have a passion to share knowledge. You were meant to teach! They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

Roxanne S.
Administration Manager
Kitchener ON Canada

My journey had already begun before I met Colleen. I was delving into books and absorbing new knowledge about this universe, the connectivity of all matter, and how it all worked. I was picking up the theory and happy to be learning. Then I met Colleen and WOW, she showed me how to put it all into practice in my daily life. And that has made all the difference. The journey has been both ridiculously simple and so utterly complex, and has had its share of ups and downs. Colleen would invariably know how to get me to pose a question on its head, showing how to look at things differently. To pivot. And to change direction. Acceptance of my responsibility for all of my life, truly owning that fact, and knowing I can do anything, has led to a feeling of freedom. I am excited each day to travel through this world. Actively participating with my whole being in meditation, gratitude and presence in the now, has led to JOY. And joyous living is infectious.

Catherine C.
Business Owner
Delaware, OH USA

When I served in Vietnam back in the 60's, I never thought I would need the help of a person like COLLEEN. I certainly was wrong. I arrived back to the US from Vietnam and had many things to deal with. I must say, had I run into a person of her intelligence, honesty and just plain caring for other people, my life would have been very different - a lot sooner. Since making her acquaintance and being shown that happiness and being born worthy applies to everyone, I have indeed changed my life and how I feel about life. She reaches into your soul with her words of wisdom and caring. I have never met someone who simply knows that life can be rewarding and very exciting - if given enough care and sincere thought. She just knows how to reach in and find the inner soul of who you really are - and teach you how to see it too. I have changed many things that I do because of her. She teaches a person how to find the best part of him or herself and move on with it. I am so glad to have met and known this lady. It is indeed a blessing and I will continue to communicate with her always.

David W.
Sales/Marketing Executive
Allentown, PA USA

Colleen is probably the happiest person I know and she is infectious. She has managed to take various philosophies that she has studied, combine them with her own innate people instincts, and come up with an incredible way of communicating thoughts and ideas and inspiration. In addition to those traits, Colleen can become your cheerleader for life. She will be there for you with sound advice and optimism that helps to guide you through a life crisis if need be, or simply to help inspire you to find your own path. Colleen is not about Colleen, she is about you.

Wendy K.
Annapolis, MD USA

Colleen is living life, and teaching others to live life on a whole new level. She KNOWS that you don’t have to settle for the crumbs of life. She KNOWS that once you can identify and articulate what you want out of life, it’s yours for the taking, because YOU DESERVE it. Colleen has taught me that once I can identify what I truly want out of and for my life, I have the ability to FOCUS on that goal and achieve it. She has a very unique ability to carve through the distractions, trailblazing a clear path from identity of the goal to achieving the goal. She teaches you to exceed, what you THOUGHT was your potential. In other words, live beyond your dreams. Colleen has taught me to stop beating myself with the stick of guilt and remorse; but rather to take each life experience for its value and contribution to life. Colleen believes in YOU, until YOU can believe in yourself. She has truly shown me, that my ability to succeed in achieving my goals is within me, when I had always looked outside before.

DeAnna S.
Litigation Specialist
Cincinnati, OH USA

What you see is what you get with me. No pretense... just substance.

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